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Certificates of Attendance for WWDPI Webinars

Live Webinars:

WWDPI has hosted over 260 free, live, science-based webinars on topics related to creating safe, healthy, inclusive and productive workplaces. Many of the work-related webinars have been pre-approved by CPHRBC&YK, CSPDM, and VRA Canada for continuing education credits. 

Following a webinar, attendees will be invited to become members and order their certificate of attendance. Members will be able to order certificates for free. To be eligible for certificates of attendance, you must have attended the webinar for a minimum of 50 minutes and you must connect with your device's audio and visual connection. 

Please note, we cannot issue certificates of attendance for phone attendees, and those that do not log in as an individual registrant. If you choose to attend by phone, long distance phone and data charges may apply (by your carrier).

Recorded Webinars:

Professionals can now choose to watch recorded webinars "On-Demand" and apply for certificates of attendance, which can be submitted to accrediting bodies for CEC credits for human resource professionals, disability management coordinators, vocational rehabilitation specialists, health professionals, and more. 

The learning platform "Thinkific" requires registration, and once registered you will be able to watch any uploaded webinar(s).  Your login details are maintained in the system to provide verification for continuing professional education purposes. 

Looking for on-demand webinars approved by your accreditation partner? Check the list below:

​​Certificates of Attendance

​If you would like to receive certificates for attending our webinars, you need to become a WWDPI Professional Member ($90 per year or $225 for 3 years) and receive unlimited certificates for the duration of your membership.


We are currently upgrading the process of requesting certificates. For the time being, please email Patricia Almeida​ at to request your certificate.

Please note that: 

  • ​Certificates take two weeks to process. 
  • Certificates are only available for six months from the date of the live webinar
  • Certificates are issued once membership and attendance are verified. 
  • Payment is not required to attend webin​ars or enroll in a recorded webinar course.

Last Modified: 12/4/2019 10:20 AM