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Pain Medications: Pharmacist Perspective

January 16, 2013 - 2:00pm PST, 5:00pm EST
Recorded in January, 2013



Taking pain medication is one of the primary tactics for managing chronic pain. Understanding the various pain medications available and what effects they can have on chronic pain can be a complicated process.

Pharmacist Edward Dillon joins us to walk through four main types of pain, some of the major classes of pain medications and some benefits and concerns for each class.

This webinar will help you:

  • List four treatment options for pain management
  • List four types of pain
  • List the three major classes of pain medications & one drug of choice from each class
  • List three benefits & three concerns for each major class of pain medication


Edward Dillon, RPh., ACPR, PharmD.

Edward Dillon is Clinical Pharmacotherapy Specialist in Intensive Care at Surrey Memorial Hospital, and Clinical Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of British Columbia.  He worked in Palliative Care for six years at Shaughnessy Hospital, and then after receiving his doctorate degree, worked in the Emergency Room at the Royal Columbian Hospital (RCH) for 25 years dealing with acute & chronic pain issues. At RCH, he was also the Palliative Care Pharmacist on the RCH Palliative Care Team for five years.  In the Intensive Care Unit, he currently sees many patients with both acute & chronic pain issues. 


This event is co-sponsored by WWDPI​, Pain BC and The Canadian Pain Coalition.

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