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​Workplace Mental Health Webinars

These free educational webinars provide an opportunity for professionals to share the latest research and tools to help people with chronic pain or disability to stay at work and to return to work. The free webinars are offered as live, online events and then posted as recordings. The series is partially funded by the Province of BC through the Community Gaming Grants.

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October 2019
Arla Day, PhD-Director, CN Centre for Occupational Health & Safety and Professor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Saint Mary's University, Canada
In this timely webinar, learn how your organization can improve your workplace practices to support mental health, and how you can better evaluate your current initiatives.
October 2019
Dwayne Van Eerd, PhD-Scientist at the Institute for Work & Health, Canada
Depression in the workplace is a substantial burden for all concerned, this webinar will present on current scientific and practice evidence to support employees with depression in the workplace.
September 2019
Catherine Andrew-Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy in the School of Health & Human Sciences, Southern Cross University, Australia and Certified Practicing Ergonomist, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Australia
The number of individuals presenting with signs and symptoms of a dementia while still in paid work is likely to increase. Join us for this timely webinar that will affect us more and more, particularly employers and HR professionals.
July 2019
Gwenllian Wynne-Jones, PhD-Senior Research Fellow, Keele University, UK
The pain and disability caused by musculoskeletal conditions result in substantial loss of quality of life, accounting for 21% of the total years lived with disability worldwide. This has considerable impact on healthcare systems.
July 2019
Carolyn Winslow, PhD-Industrial/organizational Psychologist, Applied Researcher, and Consultant, Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces, University of California, Berkeley, USA
This webinar will provide an overview of and guide to implementing specific evidence-based workplace positive psychology practices. Discussion will surround practical considerations and guidance from research.for effecting changes in employee well-being.
July 2019
JianLi Wang, Ph.D.-Senior Scientist, Director. Work & Mental Health Research Unit, Institute of Mental Health Research
Employees with depressive symptoms report more days absent from work and less productivity while at work than those without symptoms. In this webinar, learn about which interventions are most effective in preventing depression and reducing its symptoms.
June 2019
Seth Kaplan -Associate Professor, Industrial/ Organizational Psychology, George Mason University
This webinar will separate fact from fiction in workplace wellness programs. You will learn which of the advice in the popular press is supported by science and which is not. You also will learn evidence-based practices for implementing these programs.
May 2019
Alessia Negrini, PhD-Researcher, Occupational Health Psychology, IRSST, Associate Professor, School of Rehabilitation, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Université de Sherbrooke, and Associate Researcher, Centre de Recherche CSSS Champlain—Charles-Le Moyne
In this webinar the most frequent and effective supervisor contributions to the RTW process (before and during the absence, and during the return to work preparations) of employees diagnosed with depression will be presented.
April 2019
M. Gloria González-Morales, PhD-Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Guelph, Canada, and Research Director of the Occupational Health and Positive Psychology Lab, and co-founder of the Centre for Workers' Health and Well-Being.
This webinar will describe the basics of the stress experience, and explain how can we set up workplaces to promote challenges, that help employees to perform and grow.
Jamie Gruman, PhD-Professor and Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Management at the University of Guelph
This webinar is an introduction to positive psychology and positive organizational psychology. It will be of interest to people who would like to know how positive psychology can be applied in their own lives and workplaces.
October 2018
Ziv Amir, PhD-University of Salford · School of Health Sciences
Given the importance of the role-played by the employer in managing their employees affected by cancer, this webinar explores the factors affecting this role, using evidence derived from a systematic review of the literature.
The Costs and Benefits of Recruiting and Retaining People with Mental Illness
September 2018
Rebecca Gewurtz PhD and Krista Benes -Associate Professor, School of Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University and Program Manager, Workplace Mental Health, Mental Health Commission of Canada
Join Rebecca Gewurtz from McMaster University and Krista Benes from the Mental Health Commission of Canada as we explore the business case for hiring and retaining individuals with a mental illness.
August 2018
Catherine Loughlin, PhD-Associate Dean, Research and Knowledge Mobilization, Sobey School of Business Management​, Saint Mary's University
Dr. Loughlin will walk us through how to identify toxic behaviours in the workplace and discuss how leaders can take initiative to maintain healthier atmospheres for their workers.
June 2018
Nancy Carnide PhD-Post-Doctoral Research Fellow , Institute for Work & Health
The use of opioids for low back pain is a controversial practice and their impact on work-related outcomes should be an important consideration.
February 2018
Cristina M. Caperchione, PhD and Joan L. Bottorff, PhD-Professors, University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus
This presentation will describe men’s preferences for workplace health promotion programs and the effectiveness of tailored approaches.
January 2018
JianLi Wang, PhD-Senior Scientist, Director. Work & Mental Health Research Unit, Institute of Mental Health Research
There are many strategies for reducing the burden of workplace depression. The BroMatters project is a national project, aiming to identify and evaluate solution for early prevention of depression in men.
January 2018
Sara Saunders​, PhD-Assistant Professor and Associate Director of the Occupational Therapy Program with McGill University
This webinar will explore the meaningfulness of work for people living with long-term work disability and chronic pain, and the role meaning plays in return to work effort.
January 2018
Kevin Daniels PhD CPsychol FBPsS-Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Norwich Business School
The webinar summarizes research on workplace social environments and discuss activities to improve wellbeing through improving the social environments at work.
September 2017
Caroline Biron, PhD-Assistant Professor, Université Laval
In this webinar, Caroline Biron presents the results of a research project that aimed to identify the conditions facilitating and hindering the adoption by managers of management practices promoting the psychological health of their staff
September 2017
Mark Deady, Ph.D.-Post Doctoral Research Fellow, University of New South Wales
This webinar aims to provide an overview of current research into workplace depression prevention strategies and interventions and a broad framework around creating mentally healthy workplaces.
March 2017
Julia Kaisla - Canadian Mental Health Association – British Columbia
​Julia discusses the benefits of having a Workplace Peer Support Program and the steps you can take io implement one
February 2017
Carolyn Dewa, MPH, PhD -Collaborating Scientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
Dr. Dewa will discuss recent research on the ways that mental disorders can effect work productivity, and will provide interventions to improve outcomes.
January 2017
Ellen Choi - PhD Candidate, Organizational Behaviour, Western University
​In this webinar, Ms. Choi will discuss how mindfulness can be used in the workplace to impact organizational outcomes.
October 2016
Arla Day, PhD - Canada Research Chair, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Saint Mary’s University
Dr. Arla Day will discuss current research on components of psychologiaclly healthy workplaces and discuss how leaders can model healthy behaviours and foster respect in the workplace.
October 2016
Cindy Malachowski, PhD-Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Waterloo
Dr. Cindy Malachowski will discuss research that focuses on the lived experience of employees with depression in the workplace.
October 2016
Prof. Tony Lamontagne-Professor Of Work Health And Well Being, Deakin University
Professor Lamontagne will discuss how to use mental health interventions effectively in the workplace to build a healthier workforce.
June 2016
Debra Lerner MS, PhD-Director, Program on Health, Work and Productivity, Tufts Medical Center
​Dr. Debra Lerner will discuss current research on how depression in the workplace affects levels of absenteeism and presenteeism. She will also present strategies for working with employees with depression.
Woman eating salad at her desk
March 2016
Michael Rouse, PhD & Michelle Ashworth-Associate Professor, Strategy and Organization, Ivey Business School, Western University & Senior Specialist, Health & Wellness, Group Benefits, Sun Life Financial
Dr. Michael Rouse and Ms. Michelle Ashworth will discuss the key elements in effective workplace wellness programs.
January, 2016
Dr. Richard Wynne-Director of Work Research Centre
In this webinar, Dr. Richard Wynne will discusses the nature of mental health in the workplace and three main approaches to increasing the mental health and wellbeing within an organization.
February 2015
Stephanie Westlund, PhD-Independent Researcher
This presentation explores complementary approaches to conventional therapeutic and medical interventions to assist veterans with adjusting to civilian life.
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